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AICW- Cruising
US Army Corps of Engineers
US Army Corps of Engineers Inland Electronic Navigation Charts

Canadian Boating
"Cruising Canada"
Online cruising guide to all of Cananda.

Rideau Canal Information
The most extensive website on the Internet for anything you wanted to know about the Rideau. A personally managed website with all things related to the Rideau including excellent maps.

Cruising Aids
ActiveCaptain is an online marina database with some unique capabilities based around content, communications, and community. It's all about sharing knowledge among the community of marinas and boaters. The database has free access for anyone.

Worldwide Online Cruising Guides, Blogs and Sailing Wiki. View thousands of Marinas, Anchorages and port services.

Claiborne Young's
The Salty Southeast Cruiser's Net

Daily Lake Okeechobee Waterway Depth
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District Lake Okeechobee and Navigation Depth Report

Interactive mapping feature to preview your destination port and marina before you arrive. View inlets, bridges and locks you will be negotiating on your cruise.

Waterway Guide
Waterway Guide is an indispensable cruising resource for boaters, with four annually updated guides covering the East Coast, Gulf Coast, Bahamas, Great Lakes and Great Loop Cruise; Waterway Guide Magazine that spotlights what to do ashore; and Web site that provides critical navigational updates and waterway news.

Great Loop
America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association
Boating organization for those who are cruising or dream of cruising the Great Loop, the circumnavigation of Eastern North America.

Cruising The Great Loop
Good Link for MTOA members considering doing the Great Loop

Great Circle Navigation Notes
Great Circle/Great Loop "Navigation Notes" - Highly detailed mile by mile cruising guide to the entire Great Loop.

Great Loop Book-When the Water Calls... We Follow
Loopers sharing their perspectives about their Great Loop Trip- a valuable tool for those either considering this trip or just curious about it. Not a book on itineraries, facts or figures but why people left the comforts of home to tackle a trip like this, and what they ultimately gained in return. (Jim & Lisa Favors, 202 pg, many BW Photos)

New York State Canal System Website
Official Site of the New York State Canal System

Trailer Trawler Life
Jim & Lisa Favors write about their adventures on their Ranger Tug R27, Kismet, and about camping out in their boat while traveling to cruising destinations. The blog focuses on the inherent benefits and issues of trailerable trawling along with highlighting favorite cruising locations and ideas for getting the most out of trailerable cruising.

Hurricane Information
American Red Cross Website
Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Mgmt Agency (FEMA)
Gulf Coast News
NOAA National Hurricane Prediction Center
U.S. Coast Guard Homepage
White House Focus on Hurricane Relief
Boat Diesel.com
General information on the marine diesel engine

Drivetrain Information
General information on marine transmissions

Waterway Systems
Waterway Systems is a marine window and door manufacturer that has been in business furnishing replacement windows for Marine Traders, Grand Banks, and many other vessels over the last 30 years.

Yacht Survey Information
Short, informative articles by Marine Surveyors

Member Blogs
A Whale's Tale
This is the web site of FLUKE, a Krogen Whaleback. Owned by MTOA members Carol and Wayne Thomas and Eddie.

Cruising full time onboard the MT50 ALLEZ! with Capt Helen & Chief Engr Bob.

Cruising Adventures Aboard Mosey
This Blog describes the cruising adventures of the Chumleys aboard Mosey. "She" is a 70 foot, steel hulled, long-range trawler that has the capabilities of crossing any ocean. Even though she is still under construction, it is time to take advantage of some of the hard work and start exploring as we complete the interior.

Cruising Blog of Kindrerd Spirit
Bill and Laura Bender MTOA members #3416. We have lived aboard our Grand Banks trawler as full-time cruisers since 2008. Sold the house, cars, kids, and we're now Sea Urchins and lovin' it!!! Life is so simple!

Cruising The ICW With DIAMOND GIRL
This blog is about our dream. We started boating 33 years ago and have been avid mariners since. What is in this blog is all of our newsletters and some photos of our dream so far. It all starts in 2006.

Cruising with Aloha Friday - Nancy & Ted McCarley
Summer 2008 to Summer 2010 Our cruising blog picks up where our old one left off as we are headed north for the first time to start The Great Loop. You can circumnavigate the eastern half of the United States by water. Follow along as we embark upon a new adventure.

Cruising with Jim & Cathy Fisher
Our cruising blog we use to update family and friends.

Cruising with Joan and Ben aboard Francesca
Member # 1234 Joan and Ben Schuetz 1979 MT 44' Classic Caribbean cruising and many downloadable maint/provisioning files.

Cruising With Miss Cameron
Cruising With Miss Cameron Capt Dennis & Joann Schmidt

Favors Great Loop Blog
We have just become members of MTOA and would like to have our blog added to the Member Blogs section. It is quite an extensive account of our travels with a lot of photography. Thank you, Jim & Lisa Favors

GoCoastCruising.com - Gene & Katie Hamilton
GoCoastalCruising.com is a Web site about cruising the coastal waters of the eastern half of the U. S. and Canada from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River.

The Hamilton's cruise High Life, a 36-foot trawler from their home port of St. Michaels, Maryland.

Golden's Voyages
Daily cruising logs of MTOA members Paige & Mike Caldwell aboard their 38' Tradewinds "Golden". Cruising the ICW, St. Lawrence River, Erie Canal, Rideau Canal, and Richelieu River.

Life In The Slow Lane
The Cruising Adventures of Stan & Susie Marshall aboard their 1983 Monk 36.

Life on Life's2Short
A very informative blog with tons of information on the Exumas, the East Coast from The Keys to the Chesapeake, Gulf cruising from The Keys to Mobile, and 8 trips up and down the Tennessee & Tenn-Tom River systems. Anchorages and mile markers are all noted.

M/V Adventures
Articles and blogs about life aboard a DeFever 49

M/V Iffin
Blog of MTOA members Barry & Barbara Kipnis aboard Iffin

M/V Liquid Therapy
Cruising with Brooke & Susan Smith on their 36ft 1979 Albin DC from Deltaville, Va to the Bahamas

M/V Southern Cross
Cruising the US East Coast with 2 kids and 3 cats! MTOA members Bob & Betsey Fehn

Cruising with Jenny and Jerry Reves

MERCY AFLOAT is the adventures and explorations of the 37’ Nordic Tug MERCY as she wanders off the beaten path and into some out of the way places. You are more apt to find me "on the hook" somewhere than at a marina, though I do visit some occasionally! Linda Vanaman, MTOA 4155

Osprey takes flight
This blog follows our journey on The Great Loop in our 37 foot trawler, Osprey. We began in Lake St. Clair on June 21, 2009.

Bob & Carol Moore #2150

Part 7 of Bill & Mary's Great Loop Trip
This is the blog of Bill & Mary Russell on Harbour Reach a 1975 Pacific Trawler. We have just completed our 7th year of "doin the Loop". This blog covers from Nashville, TN to FL. We started in Deale, MD and took 6 years to complete the northern portions. We just started blogging this year, so there is presently no blog of the northern portions.

Part 7b of Bill & Mary's Great Loop Trip
This is the blog of Bill & Mary Russell on Harbour Reach a 1975 Pacific Trawler. We have just completed our 7th year of "doin the Loop". This blog covers from FL back to AL plus our stay as volunteers in a FL state park. We started in Deale, MD and took 6 years to complete the northern portions.

SAILS - 1990 45 Florida Bay Coaster
SAILS is unique. SAILS is a Florida Bay Coaster, designed by Jay Benford and built in steel. SAILS was the first Coaster built for an owner, and remained with that same owner for 17 years until May 2007 when we purchased SAILS.

Sea Angel Adventures
Peter & Nancy Colket's travels aboard their Jefferson 42.

Sojourner's Sea Stories
"Sojourner's Sea Stories" chronicles the cruising adventures of Sojourner, a 2004 Selene 36, and her owners Susan Scollay and Carolyn Bratt.

Sterling Lady III
Sterling Kennedy's boat logs & pictures aboard Sterling Lady III - homeport Key Largo Fl

The Adventures Of Irish Rover
The Adventures of Irish Rover with Jack & Carole Driscoll

The cruising log of Dick & Elle Lassman
Cruising along on our Heritage East 36 'Summer Wind'

The Trawler Beach House
Making the switch from sail to trawler, Chuck and Susan detail improvements and upgrades to their Marine Trader 34, as well as their perspective on living aboard and cruising.

Trawler Punches
ICW cruising blog from MTOA Member Joe Urban

Misc. Boating
Boat Owners Association of the U.S. (BOAT US)
BoatUS has been providing savings, service and representation to millions of boat owners nationwide since 1966. Today BoatUS is the nation's most powerful advocate for advancing the interests of boaters and the single source to meet all boaters needs.

BOATMASTER, a PC based simulator teaches the principles of boat handling at the dock in varying conditions of wind and current.

The program simulates the physics of a boat with single or twin engines, a bow thruster, and allows adjusting parameters to approximate your own boat.

A manual and demo is now available on the website.

Center for Disease Control - Traveler's Health Alerts
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one of the 13 major operating components of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), which is the principal agency in the Federal government for protecting the health and safety of all Amer

Cruise Email - Internet service via SSB from your boat
CruiseEmail provides the solution for SSB radio communications for email service to boaters private and commercial with worldwide coverage. An amateur radio license is NOT required. Interesting product.

Dinghy to Grocery Stores West FL
A list of grocery stores on west coast of FL that you can get to by dinghy.

Documented Vessel Owner Info
Find out who owns a documented vessel using the USCG searchable database. Search by vessel name or official number.

Electronic Charts
Charts online, available for print out... free

Medical Kit for Cruising
Interesting information written by an M.D. on dealing with underway medical issues.

Motion Sickness Guru
I'm sea sickness sufferer, and I recently pulled all my research and information together to create a resource for other sufferers: www.motion-sickness-guru.com

In addition to lots of info and tips on remedies and medications, I have dedicated pages on sea sickness, cruising, getting your sea legs, and MdDS (land sickness).

Port Credi Marine Surveys
Many articles on how buy a boat, how to choose surveyors, Electrolytic Corrosion, Moisture Meter Myths, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Whats A HIN, Safety on The Water, a 38 page article with photos and sketches entitled "Primer For First Timers Heading South" and many more on a variety of boating topics related to owning and cruising.

PSIX Vessel Search Page
The U.S. Coast Guard "Port State Information Exchange" Vessel Search Page allows you to search for an Coast Guard documented vessel by using one or more search criteria.

Sea Sense Boating - Underway training for/by women
SEA SENSE, the Women's Sailing and Powerboating School, is owned and operated by professional women boaters, and has been in operation since 1989. Most of our scheduled courses are for women only, but in our specially arranged and custom courses we happil

Seasickness Remedies and Prevention
Interesting site compiling information about seasickness. What it is, how to minimize it, what to do after you get it.

Skipper Bob's
Skipper Bob has published a series of detailed, no nonsense publications that will make your travels on the ICW much easier, safer and less expensive.

The Queensboro Shirt Company
A great reasonably priced source for all of your printed clothing needs! The best part is you can have your logo (no set up fee), on multiple different items.

Trawlers and Trawlering.com
The Internet's leading resource for all those who voyage, cruise, or live aboard under power - and all those who want to.

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
Official site for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxilary, including information on Coastal Navigation Courses

U.S. Power Squadon
USPS is a non profit, educational organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable by teaching classes in seamanship, navigation and related subjects. Members are boating families who contribute to their communities by promoting safe boat

Women on Board
The network for Women in Boating. This site and organization is dedicated to enhancing the boating experience for all women.

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